Real estate for sale deep under the price - swoop wisely!

Real estate today can be found in great numbers in the domestic market and the conditions are increasingly dictated by the customers. Many people want to get rid of their burdensome property. Nevertheless, we still can not talk about the boom of the real estate market, as both the buyers and the sellers are cautious, people choose the biding. In addition, we feel free to say that you can choose from our well compiled, safe and suitable portfolio even for investment.

Defaulted loaned properties for sale: outstanding purchases, good value for money

Despite the low rise at the end of the year, the willingness to invest remained low and even decreased by 80% in 2012. Less new houses were sold than in 1920, which is also a historical deep point. Anyone looking for a home for himself or for investment (to rent and for later sale) can choose from lots of new or slightly used, so good conditioned, well-located properties. Due to the defaulted or burdensome loans offer special opportunities mainly for opportunistic investors.

The purchase of such properties for cash is considered to be more preferable, and many banks give even 30-40% discount also. What is more, in some cases, it is possible for the new owner to get the real estate for a new, more favorable funding. Our real estate agency minimizes the risk for our customers, so that such very fast transactions well under the price are safely and correctly done. We would like to provide all technical support for those who dare to move against the tide, who want to avail with this favorable market trend and who are planning to purchase the best value for money properties.

Very urgent to the seller, the buyer can bargain, but this trend does not last forever!

As a result of the increasing burdens the sellers often go into very significant compromises as well. The mortgage of some properties is transferable so you can continue to keep up the payments, so you can get quality apartments, houses for almost minimal amount of investment. The subsequent proceeds of such estates can come from renting. Of course, the best locations with better transportation connections enjoy preference. We tried to take all these aspects into consideration in this exclusive compilation. Look for our correct and experienced real estate professionals, and check this special, updated and upgraded selection, that is excellent for real estate investment.

Please contact our real estate expert colleagues with trust, who will provide you further offers that are exclusively available for registered customers!

€ 316 416 For sale

Plot for sale, Budaliget 2048 m²

A splittable plot with connection to two streets and with beautiful panoramic view, near to the forest.
  • Area: m2
  • Size of plot: 2048 m2