Flats and houses in a minimal style available for sale - the classy victory of modern luxury

Minimal style belongs to the luxury styles, because in this word we see a sophisticated duality: beside purity and simplicity stands the maximum of elaboration. Based on this we have selected our exclusive offer of minimal style properties, to ease your choice of a comfortable, minimal style home.

Can you also be enthusiastic for a minimal style home?

The minimal style is especially for you, if you desire a representative, and gracious living space without getting lost in arty details. It has always been high prestige to live in such property, because beside the use of premium materials, the grand spaces make the essence of minimal style better perceptible.

Minimal designs feature is that the shape is guided by the functions, while the used materials give their own perfect reality: granite, wood, glass, even concrete show the maximum. The layout and arrangement is also cleared out and practical. The light through the smooth shapes and glass surfaces make the spaces spectacular, so the owners can live the fourth dimension: time - with incident play of lights, also by the help of well planned light technics.

Luxury houses in minimal style, with panorama, in the best locations of Buda are available for sale

Penthouses and family houses with huge terraces, or even with roof gardens have many inside ideas, which uses not only the width of space, but they make benefit from height as well: galeries, stairs, atriums make the spaces sophisticated. The colors of minimalist properties In this style, beside whites, grays and blacks, appear beige, drab stone colours and the tones of tropical and local woods. Designers play with just a few powerful and vivid, clear and strong colours in the interior, so the sight is really not boring.

It is well worth to start home searching with us: we have a large selection of minimalist style properties from Rozsadomb to Szechenyhegy in the most demanded parts of the Buda hills. We know it is difficult to find, what is truly suitable for you and your family's needs, so our aim is to find a real speciality for your money.

Browse our offers, but if you can not find THE property, call us for our exclusive offers, only available for registered clients.

€ 542 290 For sale

Apartment for sale, Istenhegy 164 m²

Newly built, duplex flat with balconies, 5 bedrooms and panoramic view in a green zone
  • Area: 164 m2
  • Size of plot: 2300 m2
€ 1 600 /m For rent

Apartment Belváros 81 m²

1-bedroom, freshly refurbished, professionally designed furnished flat
  • Area: 81 m2
€ 839 252 For sale

Apartment for sale, Vérhalom 141,5 m²

Newly built penthouse with a gorgeous panoramic view in Vérhalom
  • Area: 141,5 m2
  • Size of plot: 1077 m2
€ 204 971 For sale

Semi-detached house for sale,...

Newly built semi-detached house for sale in Budaörs-Kamaraerdő
  • Area: 130 m2
  • Size of plot: 707 m2
€ 266 301 For sale

Semi-detached house for sale,...

Newly built semi-detached house for sale in Budaörs-Kamaraerdő
  • Area: 168 m2
  • Size of plot: 724 m2
€ 0 For sale

Apartment for sale, Vizafogó 100 m²

Spacious flat on the Danube shore, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Area: 100 m2
  • Size of plot: 1792 m2
€ 919 949 For sale

Apartment for sale, Vizafogó 185 m²

Penthouse with full view to the Danube, 2 bedrooms, 152 sqm terrace
  • Area: 185 m2
  • Size of plot: 1792 m2
€ 196 908 For sale

Apartment for sale, Csillaghegy 89 m²

Vacation apartment with roof terrace on the Danube shore, with parking place and storage room
  • Area: 89 m2
€ 425 436 For sale

Apartment for sale, Törökvész 120 m²

Minimal design, brand new luxury apartment with private garden, large terrace
  • Area: 120 m2
  • Size of plot: 1153 m2
€ 1 500 000 For sale

Detached house for sale, Nagykovácsi...

Unique family villa reflecting modern elegance and featuring high-end brands in its finishings
  • Area: 800 m2
  • Size of plot: 1040 m2
€ 1 000 000 For sale

Detached house for sale, Nagykovácsi...

Extra luxury villa in a calm environment, with view and premium quality materials
  • Area: 500 m2
  • Size of plot: 1000 m2
€ 3 999 330 For sale

Detached house , villa for sale,...

Minimal design home with 4 flats in the 2nd district, with beautiful garden and outdoor pool
  • Area: 600 m2
  • Size of plot: 1426 m2