Houses and villas to be renovated - for sale in the best locations of Budapest. The magic starts here!

We help you choose expertly from houses, apartments that need renovation, in which your dreams can come true. If you are looking for a renovation house, you are a unique person with style - you have desires, dreams and ideas, that you can achieve now, if you find your home with us.

Buda is full of earlier built houses, apartments and villas, that after renovation are almost certainly superior to the originals, and relevant to todays challenges. The most loved are the Bauhaus style buildings, since they are from the birth of modern architecture, wonderfully livable and loveable, besides being stylish as well.

It is an extremely good purchase to get one of these renovation houses, so let us help you!

Appearances are often deceiving, because at first glance these properties might not seem to be that valuable. Its value suddenly appears after creative renovation or even after landscaping the plot around the house or villa. Just like the ugly duckling in the fairy tale that changed to swan and takes its rightful place in the hearts.

Now we have collected some very special and exciting renovation property offers for sale!

With a bit of creativity you can have a fully customized home that reflects your personality, keeps its architectural value as it was imagined and constructed many years ago. Your family will have a beautiful, valuable home that is relevant to nowadays, preserving the atmosphere of an age gone by. The reason why these renovation houses and villas are cheaper is not that they are worse than the new ones. In fact, the architectural knowledge of old masters is proved by time. Although with modern and professional renovation they retain their style much longer and most of them are in a neighborhood, where feature such villas, so only passing them every day is a priceless experience.

It is worth to view the renovation apartment, house together with specialists, since creative and experienced professionals see more and more objectively. According to your needs we can offer architects, structural engineers, constructing companies, interior designers etc.

We would like to help you with this exclusive selection, so that behind the not so flashy walls you can find the outstanding opportunities, the stylish details, the achievable dreams - that is your home. Call us!

€ 1 200 000 For sale

Villa for sale, Istenhegy 417 m²

Old classical villa, which needs full renovation in a superb location, with city view and large garden
  • Area: 417 m2
  • Size of plot: 3229 m2
€ 799 029 For sale

Plot for sale, Váralja 487 m² 320 m²

Direct neighborhood of the Castle, high prestige area, one of the last plots to be built in
  • Area: 320 m2
  • Size of plot: 487 m2